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Our Vision:  To provide economical, reliable, efficient, clean turbine power to the world.

How: Working with industrial and academic institutions, our team will diligently attack problems until our vision becomes reality.

Lawrence Smiley

Founder and President of SMS Marketing, Inc.’s Turbine Division, Lawrence is responsible for the engineering (mass flow experiments, combustion flow, component design, system integration, material and control schematics).  He also assists Eldon in data acquisition, and interpretations.  His Aeronautical Engineering Degree has well prepared him to meet our overall goals. Complimenting his engineering past, Lawrence’s 30 years in engineered sales gives him the experience needed to professionally serve our customers.

Eldon Deardorf

Founder and President of Deardorf Engineering, Eldon quarterbacked the construction of the proto-type.  This included inputting the design into our CAD (SolidWorks).  Eldon’s Math Degree with a Minor in Computer Science along with his life experiences (Lt. Colonel in the USAF, flying 100 combat missions in Vietnam, mechanical design engineering contractor at Delco Electronics and an inventor in his own rights with one patent) have well prepared him for the tasks at hand.  His problem solving skills blend well with his skills as designer, machinist, electrician and technician.  Eldon is an indispensable member of our team.


  • Colorado School of Mines - Golden, CO


Our manufacturing philosophy will center around a team concept.  A team, assisted by the latest in automated assembly, SPC quality control systems and 100% final testing, will follow an engine from the first stages of its construction through its completion.  This team of people will then sign off on each engine that they build.  They will also be responsible for following-up any field quality problems. This will drive production efficiencies, pride of workmanship and overall quality.  This philosophy will also produce a work force that will have all the skills necessary to “pitch hit” in the event of absences. 

Terms of Payment
Payment terms of Net 30, FOB Factory following the day of turbine shipment will be offered to qualified O.E.M. customers.

Quality Issues
Our manufacturing goal of zero defects will assure complete customer satisfaction along with the following policy: "If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us. If upon review, we find that our product is defective due to a manufacturing problem, we'll either fix the problem (at our cost) or replace the defective unit.  We will issue a Return Material Authorization (RMA #) for you to attach to the return shipment."

Shipping and Handling
UPS, Fedex, Truck lines, Rail and Ocean