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Hot gasses channeled along stretched power generating turbine sections.

Our design converts more heat energy to mechanical energy than do existing turbine engines. Not only do we operate at higher initial temperatures, but our exhaust temperatures are projected to be lower than existing turbines.

The technology that sets our turbine apart from the competition is located at the core of the engine.  Certain aspects of our engine are in the process of being patented.  As previously described, this technology makes our turbine engine superior in both performance and pricing. 

Even though we are ahead of our nearest competitor, we plan to pursue a vigorous R & D program. In so doing, our turbines will continue to push into the future with cutting edge designs. We anticipate the life cycle of SMS-T Model to be in the range of 15 years before a competing technology emerges. 

Existing Prototype

  • At this point in time we have no marketable products. As products are tested and proven (see projected timeline), we will list them here. These are pictures of our SMS-T prototype:

GeneralArrangement DynomometerCouplingTop View